Saturday, 6 February 2016

Rose day cliparts

Rose day is very special day and first day in valentines week. On rose day love birds not only send flowers but also they send rose day messages, sms this day. Rose day cliparts are also in trends now a days it's being like the best way. Most of us send greeting cards and roses but as it's a techie world now a days.  Then sending rose day cliparts, greetings cards online, roses images is also a trend. You all must be knowing that clip arts look really great to send. Even i remember my childhood memories, I used to see cliparts in a very keen way. So friends I still like those cliparts. Rose day cliparts are the best Way to tell anyone like a rose is moving and saying happy rose day. It makes feel like awww. So friends as we all are humans. It's good to see live Images. You know guys in my childhood I didn't even know how to place or send a clip arts to anyone. Lol! By the way it's really good and pleasant to share my this silly incident to you.  So friends it's really hard sometimes to do some stuffs.  Rose day cliparts are a best way to tell your girlfriend or boyfriend that you really love them and care for them. So if you are in distance relationship or even not you send a clipart and tell your special person that how much you adore them.

So I am going to made your work easy here. So that you all will feel helped. And hope you all like these collection and will share it to your girlfriend and boyfriend. So I am going to share rose day cliparts to you all.

rose day cliparts

rose day cliparts

rose day cliparts

rose day cliparts

rose day clip arts

Friday, 5 February 2016

Rose day 2016

When do we celebrate Rose day?

Ans : 7 Feb

Importance of Rose day  in valentines week:

Roses plays a very important role in everyone's life. It is said that if you want to make a girl happy than you should gift a rose every day. So by seeing the importance of Roses in our life. We celebrate rose day. A day for sharing rose to each other. It's a best way to tell anyone how you feel about that person.  So as it's all about rose day. So to gift a rose according to the person the roses has category. Like white Rose,pink rose, red rose black rose,purple rose etc. And you can gift rose according the way you feel about that person. So as everyone loves roses. They smell so nice. And it is said that rose are the king of flowers. So who can say no after taking a rose. So it's a first day in valentines day week list. We celebrate rose day as the first day of valentines. So when the start is with roses. Than All rest will go good.

rose day 2016

How do we celebrate rose day :

On this day we gift each other a rose and send sms, messages etc. a girlfriend gift her boyfriend bunch of roses of their choice or a single also work on this day. So their relationship smells long and happily for the rest of life. As its a western culture event still now it has been celebrated all across the country and worldwide in all religions. This day gives us a chance to express our love and feelings though roses. So it's a very special day in valentines day week list.
You all must want to know that which colour of rose gift to which person. So friends here I am going to solve your this of issue. So that you will feel helped.

So here I am going to tell you how to gift rose according the chemistry with the person on this day.

1. Red roses
Red roses are designed to express love. As the red color relates with romance and love so this color rose girlfriend give to boyfriend and boyfriend give to girlfriend to express their love. It's upto you that you want to gift a single rose or bunch of roses.

2. Yellow roses
Yellow roses are designed for friends if you have your best friend than you can give yellow rose to your friend to tell that you really care for him or her. And your friend ship really matters for you. So gifting yellow roses on rose day can be a very nice option to your friends or best friend.

3.  White roses
White colour is of peace so in case you had a fight with  your girlfriend or boyfriend or your friend. Than its always a nice idea to tell your love by gifting white Rose that you need peace and want to say sorry. And want to get back Happy and peaceful. So gifting white Rose also a very nice idea.

4 Pink roses
Pink color is sign of cuteness and happiness. So it's not bad to gift pink roses to  bring happiness in your relationship. So you can gift your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend every one. To cherish your relationship with them. So it's very good to gift to bring happiness without saying single word.

5. Black roses:
Black rose is a sign for evilness and hatred. So if you hate anyone you can gift this rose to your enemy. ;)

6. Purple rose:
It is said it's a most vibrant colour. So you can give it to bring more Harmony in your relationship. So better to give this roses too.

7. Dark pink roses:
Dark pink roses can be gifted if you are attracted to someone. And want to gift them rose. So it's nice to gift and propose your love.

All of love birds celebrate this day with lots of love and excitement. So they can gift according to the relationship they share with the person whom they want to gift. So friends enjoy this day. With lots of warmth and affection. Make it the most impressive day for your love. Make them feel that they are the most important person and most valued person in your life. Enjoy this day at the fullest.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Rose Day Whatsapp DP

Rose day is a day we celebrate to express our love through gifting rose to each other. So if they are not able to give the rose in real than  we can place a DP to impress our girlfriend and boyfriend or to the person we want to impress. So just suppose that you are so far from your love and you can't give the roses in real. And you want to gift roses or want to express feeling than really rose day dp can make difference.  People will know who love you that you really want to tell your feelings to those whom you love.

So placing a rose day dp really makes difference. So yes friends I know what do you want to know now. So for all I made a collection of rose day dp for you all. In that you find good and classic collection of rose day DP.

Rose Day DP for WhatsApp

rose day whatsapp dp

rose day dp

rose day 2016

rose day DP for whatsapp

rose day DP

rose day dp

rose day 2016 DP

whatsapp dp rose day

Rose day romantic quotes for boyfriend, girlfriend

Rose day romantic quotes, rose day quotes for boyfriend, rose day quotes for girlfriend, rose day quotes for lover, rose day quotes for love, rose day love quotes, rose day English quotes, rose day quotes for Facebook, rose day quotes in hindi

Rose day romantic quotes for boyfriend, girlfriend

Rose day, a beautiful day dedicated to roses. Sounds nice na! Roses itself a very romantic thing to give someone. Roses gives the colour to a relationship. So with a rose people write Rose day romantic quotes, rose day quotes for boyfriend, rose day quotes for girlfriend, rose day quotes for lover, rose day quotes for love, rose day love quotes, rose day English quotes, rose day quotes for Facebook, rose day quotes in hindi which looks according to person to person so if you want to send rose day quotes for boyfriend or rose day quotes for your girlfriend than what are you waiting for.
Purchase a bunch of rose and give it to your love rose day love quotes on it. So guys I am sharing here some rose day quotes for Facebook, rose day quotes in hindi for you all. Hope you all will enjoy and share.

Rose day romantic quotes :

1. You are my pink rose and you glow more pink with roses. - Unknown

2. Your pink eyes are really like beer, they give me the feel of rose with wine.- Unknown

Rose day quotes for boyfriend:

1. You and I makes a beautiful couple. We look better than beautiful rose.- kunal sende

2. Your every touch gives me a pink blush like roses. - Sanaya

Rose day quotes for girlfriend:

1. Your kisses and hugs are shrugs for me. You look more pretty than red roses. - Sameer

2. My pinky love
My red rose you gave me more colours
Like red roses
When you came in my life.

Rose day quotes for lover / rose day quotes for love / rose day love quotes :

1.  Tere shirt ka mai toh button soniye
      Balon ka tere mai clip ho gaya,
        Hum hai tere lover purane
        Tune kadar na jani

2. Ye din ye mahine saal,
     Guzar jayege mere yaar,
      magar itna rakhna khyal
        Jeena sirf mere liye.

Rose day English quotes / rose day quotes for Facebook:

1. My Love,  my rose, my  life, my sweetheart, my darling,  my friend, my world.  You are everything of mine. - Shailaja

2. You give me the kind of feeling like this world wants me like a beautiful rose.

Rose day quotes in hindi :

1. Phoolo sa chehra tera kaliyo si muskaan hai,
    Rang tera dekhkar roop tera dekhkar
    Kundrat bhi hairan hai.

2. Tere chehre ki ronak khushboo si samai hai mujhme,
    Tu hai ek jo mujhme shamil hai.

3. Tere chehra itna suhana lagta hai,
Tere aage chand purana lagta hai.
Phoolo se khubsurat ho tum
Gulab bhi Pheeka hai tumhare aage.

So guys hope you enjoyed these qoutes. Do comment us for more queries.
Happy rose day.


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